We are all Kevin Bacons!

There is a powerful Network Effect in play.

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At no other time in the history of humanity has each of us had such tools at our disposal to create and disseminate information, products and services. We can broadcast our ideas, target audiences to make them aware of what we have to offer, and create things of value to others from our bedrooms, dens, or garages as well as research labs, office cubicles or boardrooms. The convergence of powerful, portable, personal computers (including the handheld mobile variety we refer to as phones) and communications networks has made this possible. They have created a link between our personal creativity and imagination, and the world at large.

We are fast hurtling towards everyone on the planet being connected. At the same time we are converging with, and being augmented by, our machines. We are approaching the Singularity. We are all becoming nexus points for curating and producing content in the form of images, writing, audio and video. These formats convey our ideas, opinions, and aesthetic tastes.

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There is a powerful Network Effect in play. Six degrees of separation is an interesting idea that we are all related by less than six degrees. Navigating those nodes is getting easier and we are gaining facility as things like social media platforms evolve and mature. There is that great take off where everybody can be shown to be just six degrees away with Kevin Bacon being one of the nodes. Now, we all are Kevin Bacons!

Check out Kevin Bacon’s charitable organization sixdegrees.org

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