Twenty-One Impactful Ideas to Achieve Financial Freedom

Move beyond where you are stuck and toward what you ought to be.

John Cousins


Photo by Kostiantyn Li on Unsplash

Life is not a game. Yet, we still pick the games we live to play in this life.

The game of wealth isn’t particularly complicated.

You have access to wealth-building formulas right in front of you. available without charge. Your time and effort are, nevertheless, required.

You can achieve financial freedom through a combination of the following:

• Disciplined saving

• Investing

• Pursuing an in-demand job (instead of following a ‘passion’)

Here, we’ll go over ten impactful ideas. Here are ten steps that put us more on the course to help us move beyond where we are stuck and instead toward what we ought to be:

On Financial Literacy

Life is easy if you understand money. But, on the other hand, life is tough if you don’t understand money.

The knack for understanding money does not require genius-level Intelligence. Instead, it’s a collection of straightforward lessons that, taken separately, are simple enough to understand yet when combined, create a superpower.