The Autodidact’s Route to Becoming a Business Leader

Here is a roadmap and a compass

John Cousins


Becoming a well-rounded business leader and manager takes:

· Being able to apply a varied toolkit and skill sets,

· The ability to know when to apply what,

· How to assemble the mosaic of skill sets to accomplish a specific task or goal,

· A facility with the language, terminology and buzzwords of all the different disciplines.

The purpose of this article is to set the stage and lay out the context for achieving those goals.

Being an effective leader and manager means being able to communicate and be decisive. You need communication, both written and verbal, and decision-making skills.

In order to be effective you need this knowledge and a bias towards action.

I have attempted to prioritize the subject matter in order to address the issues first to last by relative importance, frequency of use, or their foundational quality. Some of the material builds on the previous, more foundational stuff, but for the most part the disciplines stand-alone and can be studied out of sequence as your interest dictates.

The end goal is to shore up a knowledge base, set the stage for lifelong learning, and form the basis of being a well rounded C-level general manager and leader. This is also subject matter for entrepreneurs in the midst of developing and growing a startup. With this in mind, you should decide to…