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Sui Generous

Now there’s something you don’t see everyday Wilbur. What’s that Jethro? A pig swimming with a bird on its head. That is pretty unique. One might say its sui generous.

Sui generous is a great phrase. It means unique. But it sounds so much cooler and has all the import of latinate phrases. It also starts with a word that sounds like the old pig call, spelled either suey, or sooie, or sooey. If you want some entertainment search those phrase and check out some videos of pig calling contests. Post some on your social media feeds and see what kind of comments you get. Here is a good one.

Now where was I? Oh yeah, sui generous. Leonardo DaVinci was sui generous. Michael Jordan is sui generous. Leadbelly was sui generous. One of a kind.

Unique is differentiation

In business branding that is what we aim for: to be one of kind, with no competition; unique. We want our value proposition to be differentiated to the point that no one comes close.

Blue Ocean

We talk about Blue Ocean strategy relative to its opposite red ocean which is full of blood and sharks, meaning competition. We strive for monopoly, the absence of competition. Peter Thiel proposed it in his book Zero to One.

Keep the phrase in mind as a goal of personal commitment. Strive to be sui generous. And give props to those you think are. Cultivate your idiosyncrasies. Let you freak flag fly. Shine on you crazy diamond!

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