One of Life’s Genuine Cheat Codes

The link between declared goals and those achieved.

John Cousins


Photo by Md Mahdi on Unsplash

One of life’s genuine cheat codes is discipline.

Whether you want to succeed in business, athletics, the arts, or life in general, discipline is the key to getting there.

Enthusiasm wanes. Willpower has a limit. Good intentions can only go so far.

The capacity to prioritize what you desire most over what you want right now is discipline.

Your every act is a vote for the person you want to be.

You perceive yourself as a more disciplined person every time you put off immediate enjoyment, making it simpler to act that way in the future.

We are taught to compete against one another in school, politics, athletics, and video games.

Yet, wealth, education, love, fitness, and tranquility are genuine benefits of not paying attention to others and developing ourselves.

Each moment is either a test or a celebration. Don’t defer celebrating. Give yourself rewards to acknowledge

You learn to resent the stick if the carrot is lacking.

The key to good leadership of yourself and others is discipline. Focus and self-control promote contentment, happiness, and success. It’s challenging when faced with an all-you-can-eat buffet, the chance to make fast cash, or the sleepy allure of staying in rather than exercising.

Success can only be attained by persistent sacrifice; there are no certain shortcuts. There is no royal road to achievement.

Being successful is a decision, not an accident!

Studies indicate that those with self-discipline are happier. Why? Because when we exercise self-control and discipline, we achieve more of the objectives that are most important to us. The link between declared goals and those achieved is self-discipline.