Dancing With the Stars

One can sing and dance or one can create a space where singers and dancers flourish.

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Jazz hands!

Don’t Shrug Atlas

Teaching is a big responsibility. I want to make sure that I am aware not to blunt or blight or truncate aspirations and ambitions by providing less that useful or outdated information.

I also use contrarian tactics to provoke thought and push back from students. I will red-shirt an idea to see if I can start a debate. I will play devil’s advocate. But I have to be aware that I am in a position of perceived authority and cautious that my faux cynicism and ersatz sarcasm isn’t taken as gospel.

That’s hard. Its challenging to provide balanced views. The opposite of a big truth is another big truth. The risk of trying to convey that is falling short and just contradicting one’s self. That can be confusing and deadening.

The last thing I want to do is give people a bunch of rules that are outdated and outmoded and taking away their spark and dance.

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I want to create a safe nonjudgmental place where folks can feel free to let go and dance. Pivot sounds too stiff and one dimensional. We need to dance our changes and course corrections.

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