Four Ways to Accumulate Wealth

John Cousins
3 min readFeb 8, 2023
Photo by Kostiantyn Li on Unsplash

There are four ways for a person to accumulate wealth:

• The Big Company Senior Executive
• The Visionary Entrepreneur
• The Prodigy
• The Saver/Investor

I have books and courses in the first two categories. I cover the skillsets and knowledge required to be a big company senior executive in my book and course MBA ASAP. In addition, I have several books and courses about Entrepreneurship and Startups. These categories overlap. If increasing your income potential and career options interests you, check them out.

The prodigy category comprises movie stars, rock stars, and professional athletes. These talents are not teachable (as they say in basketball, you can’t coach tall). If you are in this category, congratulations! These can be risky categories for long-term wealth accumulation due to fickle audiences, injuries, etc. If you are interested in protecting and growing your nest egg, this is for you too.

The fourth category of saving and investing is the way to wealth that is open to everyone. However, if you fit into any of the first three categories, you still need to know how to be a saver/investor. Too many people have made lots of money only to lose it and end up back at zero or in debt.