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Congratulations, you have won.

You already run a complex enterprise

It’s called your life, and it’s about getting, spending and saving; in business it’s called Revenues, Expenses and Retained Earnings.

You have a job where you make your money, it gets deposited in your checking account, and you use it to pay your bills, buy groceries and clothes, go out to eat or a movie; and hopefully there is some left over at the end of the month that you can put aside for a rainy day.

You also have a strong intuitive sense of budgeting and financial decision making. We all have to figure out whether to buy a home or rent an apartment, buy a car or take the bus, buy a fifth of gin or groceries. This is budgeting and financial decision making.

You manage bank accounts, checkbooks, debit and credit cards, electronic transfer, PayPal, a mortgage or rent, car payments, insurance, healthcare, utilities… It’s complicated! Sometimes (most of the time) you must make hard decisions about what you can and can’t purchase or afford to do.

You have plenty of hard-won experience running an enterprise and have earned your domestic MBA.

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