In the mid-20th Century, there were unprecedented modernist influences on architecture, furniture, graphic, and industrial design.

Midcentury modern is still a sought-after period for collectables because these designs were practical, functional, and beautiful. Designers created new forms of furniture, buildings, homes, logos, and products.

Designers such as Eero Saarinen, Russel…

Questing In Search of an Ideal Lover

In October 1817, John Keats returned to London with a new purposefulness. He was steadily working on Endymion and planning another long poem.

But the world was too much with him in London. In October 1817, Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine printed an article “On the Cockney School of Poetry”. It was…

The remarkable talents of the age congregated there to discuss liberal politics and have literary conversations.

That month of October, besides writing his first great poem, Keats met Leigh Hunt. Hunt recalled their initial encounter

“the impression made upon me by the exuberant specimens of genuine though young poetry that were laid before me, and the promise of which was seconded by the fine fervid countenance…

John Cousins

Founder of MBA-ASAP

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